Pokostovsky granite: paving stones

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Pokostovsky granite: paving stones

Sawn granite paving stones of the Pokostovsky deposit are considered one of the most high-strength materials. It is actively used in paving roads, paths, house adjoining areas, park areas and alleys. The fossil has a rich gray color and a fine grain structure. Universal appearance allows the use of building material in any design.

Pokostovsky granite: paving stones



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Sawn granite paving stones from the manufacturer

Pokostovsky granite has the first class of radioactivity. This means that the stone is completely safe for the environment and human health. The sawn granite paving stones can be used in all types of construction works. Fossil is considered one of the most optimal and successful pavement options.

Prices for building materials are formed depending on the size, volume of the order, the need for additional processing and the delivery address. Our production guarantees the provision of favorable conditions and loyal prices for sawn granite paving stones. Also, there is a system of wholesale discounts, which is valid for orders over 200 m2.

Cooperating with Granum, you get the following benefits:

  1. Free and detailed consultation at any time, our managers are constantly in touch.
  2. Loyal pricing. We pay attention to all your wishes and needs. Also, the company has developed a system of wholesale discounts for orders over 200 m2.
  3. Wide range of natural stone. More than 20 types of Ukrainian granite are available.
  4. Reliability, high quality and safety of products.
  5. Assistance in organizing delivery to the territory of the customer.

To order or get expert advice, call one of the numbers listed in the “Contacts” section. Or leave a request on the site and in the near future our manager will contact you.

Advantages over other materials: sawn granite paving stones

Pokostovsky granite is one of the strongest natural stone materials. In its warehouse there are no chemical impurities and components that can harm the environment. In addition to the above, the stone is endowed with the following advantages:

  • High mechanical stability. The sawn granite stone blocks do not react to external irritants.
  • Moisture resistance. After contact with water, gasoline or any other liquid, the material will not change its performance.
  • Temperature resistance. For example, severe frosts or active sunlight will have a neutral effect on the surface.
  • Durability. Full-sawn paving stones can last for decades, while maintaining their performance. If it is necessary to re-lay the road or path, it is easy to roadwork.
  • The main advantage of full sawn pavers is its appearance. The material is sawn on all sides.

The best investment during construction is high-quality and durable material. This is how it will turn out for decades to preserve the original appearance of the project. We remind you that we provide a system of discounts for orders from 200 m2.