Osnykovsky Labradorite: stone blocks

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Osnykovsky Labradorite: stone blocks

Granite paving slabs from Osnykovsky Labradorite fell in love with many of our customers due to their unique and inimitable appearance. As you know, the fossil is characterized by ionization, which can be seen even after treatment with high temperature. The characteristic black color, due to heat treatment, changes to dark brown. Thus, the paving stone becomes more practical, because it suits any style of decoration.



Heat Treatment

Granite paving slabs from the manufacturer Granum

Osnykovsky Labradorite has an attractive and unique coarse grain structure. Thanks to this, each unit of granite paving stones is inimitable and unique. Granite paving slabs are characterized by a heat-treated face and smooth, sawn sides. The rough surface prevents slipping in bad weather and eliminates the possibility of injury.

The main feature of granite paving slabs is that the top surface of each unit is even and the paving seams are clear. Thus, it is possible to achieve an ideal laying quality. Production of products takes place on innovative equipment. It eliminates the human factor. In addition, Granum specialists with 20 years of experience do their best to ensure that our customers receive a truly high-quality product.

Concrete or granite paving slabs?

Granite paving stones have been used for decades as a reliable laying material. Roads, sidewalks, squares and alleys in many cities of Ukraine and Europe are paved with paving stones of natural origin for a reason. For many generations, granite products have proven that they are the guarantor of quality and durability. Today, natural stone has proved that it is strong enough, wear-resistant. Able to withstand high temperatures and severe frosts. Over time, analogues began to appear on the market. For example, concrete paving slabs, which have become a budget option for coating. Concrete paving slabs are made from high quality cement. But in parallel, various chemical additives are used in its fabrication. If such a tile is in the low price segment, there is a high probability that the evaporation process will be launched under the active rays of the sun. And as you know, chemicals can harm health.

The choice in favor of granite paving slabs

By choosing a material of natural origin as your road surface, you are making an investment in durability and safety. Granite does not contain harmful chemical impurities. It is completely safe for the environment. Under the scorching sun, it does not melt, but retains its quality properties for many years. Also, it is worth noting that granite practically does not absorb moisture. What is very important in the autumn-winter period. You can not be afraid that the products are deformed or modified in any way. In turn, paving slabs require restoration after each winter. Since the material is not designed for frost. In addition, at low air temperatures, a layer of ice may form in some areas. This provokes falls and makes it unsafe.