Leznikovsky granite: paving stones

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Leznikovsky granite: paving stones

Granite paving slabs from Leznikovsky granite are characterized by a fine grain structure. The rich red color of the paving stone allows it to be used in all areas of activity. Versatile and durable road paving material is the best investment in construction.

Leznikovsky granite: paving stones
Leznikovsky granite: paving stones



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Granite paving slabs for paving

Leznikovsky granite is one of the most demanded positions. Due to its high performance, granite paving slabs can be used in any field of activity. If we are talking about paving roads, there is no better option. The durability and practicality of the fossil are the main and priority indicators that you should pay attention to.

Paving stones made of natural stone, as a laying, began to be used hundreds of years ago. Then, she did not yet have such a refined appearance as she does now. But despite this, she was able to survive to our times. Today, granite paving slabs are a high quality product. The sawn surface from all directions allows to do laying as much as possible qualitatively. At the same time, the corners are well processed to avoid injury or chipping in the future. In addition, the front side of sawn tiles is always treated with high temperatures. This approach allows you to give an anti-slip effect.

Advantages of paving: granite paving slabs

The unlimited number of advantages of granite paving slabs over other types of materials makes it even more in demand in construction. Naturally, each composition is used for specific tasks, but granite is one of the most versatile and practical. Among the other advantages of raw materials are the following:

  • High strength. While asphalt pavement needs to be repaired every few years, granite paving stones can retain their original appearance for decades.
  • Versatile look. Suitable for any style and design. Because it always looks concise and expensive.
  • Absence of background radiation and chemical impurities. Thus, it is completely safe for health.
  • Resistance to environmental factors and weather conditions. It does not react at all to high loads, sudden changes in temperature, frost and the scorching rays of the sun.

Together with decorative qualities, granite paving slabs are actively used:

  1. On roads with a high degree of congestion. Where the loads are regular.
  2. In landscape design. Building material of natural origin is an ideal option for paving paths, adjacent areas and park alleys.

Leznikovsky granite is an environmentally friendly material that can be used everywhere. That is why there are no restrictions on its use.


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