Korninsky granite: sawn stone blocks

Prices per m2

Korninsky granite: sawn stone blocks

Our production offers to order products from natural material, sawn paving stones have a coarse grain structure and a dark gray color with brown patches.

Korninsky granite: sawn stone blocks
Korninsky granite: sawn stone blocks



Heat Treatment

Sawn stone blocks from the manufacturer

Granite sawn stone blocks of the Ukrainian field does not require special care, retaining its original appearance. Products from this fossil are also referred to as “Leopard”, because they have a corresponding interesting color that resembles that very predator.

The main advantages of sawn pavers include:

  • Smooth, sawn on all sides, uniform surface. What will protect against injury, especially if paving stones are located in a place where children play.
  • It does not absorb vapors and gases, and is also resistant to the effects of the outside world. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry that under the hot sun, paving stones will begin to lose ground, unlike concrete paving slabs, near which it is undesirable to stay for a long time during the scorching sun.
  • High level of wear resistance. Thus, paving stones can be used for decades, while it will not lose its physical and mechanical characteristics, retaining its former appearance.
  • Does not contain chemical impurities and is completely environmentally friendly. This allows you to protect the external environment and human health from harmful fumes.

Above, we have listed the advantages of sawn paving stones from Korninsky granite, thanks to which it is famous all over the world, being in great demand in the construction industry. All production of our enterprise available and under the order, at the request of the customer.

Granite sawn paving stones: cost

Prices for paving slabs made of natural stone are calculated individually for each Order, as they are affected by volumes, dimensions, the need for additional processing and the delivery address. Therefore, sawn paving stones are produced by us under the most favorable conditions, taking into account the individual needs of the Customer.

The cost of production is affected by:

  1. Size: thickness, length, width;
  2. Shape: it can be standard in the form of a rectangle or non-standard, in the form of a hexagon;
  3. Quantity: our company has a system of discounts for orders over 200 m2.

Please note that processing is done by sawing. The main feature of the surface is perfectly even edges, safety, smoothness and ease of installation. It prevents injury in the warm season, and protects against slipping in the cold season.


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