Kapustinsky granite: paving stones

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Kapustinsky granite: paving stones

Granite paving stones from Kapustinsky granite, which can be purchased from our production, are in demand all over the world. The red color of the fossil and the structure of the coarse grain make the stone versatile in use. The front side of the tile is processed using high temperatures. This approach helps prevent slipping in cold seasons.

Kapustinsky granite: paving stones
Kapustinsky granite: paving stones



Heat Treatment

Granite stone blocks: buy from the manufacturer

Natural stone is one of the most demanded materials in construction. It is used in all areas, without exception. Including, and in paving roads, paths, park and embankment areas, adjacent territories and other areas. Granite stone blocks, which we offer to buy from the manufacturer, without any intermediary markups in cost.

Manufacture of products from natural stone takes place on high-tech equipment for more than 20 years. During this time, our specialists have learned how to select and process raw materials with high quality. The end result is a perfectly smooth, high-quality product. The sizes of a stone blocks can be both standard, and individual. Our production facilities allow us to produce products of any complexity. Also, it is possible to combine several types of granite in one composition. To see the full range, go to the “Catalog” section.

Full sawn granite stone blocks: buy quality and durability

High physical and chemical parameters of natural stone make it the best in its field. Granite paving stones from the stone of the Kapustinskoye deposit are able to withstand maximum loads. That is why, the stone is often used in places with a large crowd of people and on highways.

Properties of Kapustinsky granite:

Completely eco-friendly material. The composition does not contain harmful impurities. Also, it belongs to the First class of radiation, which means that it can be used in all areas of construction and is safe.

  • Durability. A fossil can last for tens or even hundreds of years, retaining its original properties.
  • Not afraid of low and high temperatures. Granite pavers are resistant to fluctuations and sudden changes in the weather, are not afraid of moisture, heat and frost.
  • Resists mechanical influences. It is quite difficult to modify, damage and carry out any other manipulations with the appearance.
  • Easily processed. Therefore, we offer granite paving stones sawn from all sides with additional temperature treatment of the front side.

Due to the unique and practical properties of natural stone, it is popular all over the world. Our clients use it not only for personal but also for commercial purposes. Sale of products is carried out wholesale and retail, large and small lots. If you could not find the product you need in our catalog, we will accept an individual order and sell it in a short time.


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