Gabbro: pavers

Prices per m2

Gabbro: pavers

Gabbro stone blocks have a deep black color and fine grain structure. A full-sawn product is characterized by a smooth and even surface on all sides. As a rule, the front part is additionally amenable to heat treatment. This approach provides an anti-slip effect. The result is protection from injury.

Gabbro: pavers
Gabbro: pavers



Heat Treatment

Full sawn paving stone Gabbro

Natural stone has been a leader in the market for several decades. Gabbro paving stones are used as paving roads, paths, squares, house adjoining territories, park and embankment areas. One of the main aspects that black granite has is its high level of density. Read about the other advantages of natural stone below in the article.

The production of Gabbro paving stones and the main office are located in Ukraine, Korostyshev. By prior arrangement, anyone can visit the plant. During the trip, get acquainted with the process of manufacturing building materials from natural stone.

Among the most popular sizes:

  • 10×10 cm;
  • 20×10 cm;
  • 30×10 cm;
  • 40×10 cm;
  • 50×10 cm;
  • 60×10 cm.
    Thickness, as well as dimensions, can be customized. Please note that the site indicates the cost per 1 m2. All products are produced on innovative equipment, so accuracy and quality are the main advantages of Granum. We guarantee a loyal cost of granite paving stones and favorable terms of cooperation.

Gabbro paving stones: advantages of choice

One of the main aspects that stone has is the absence of pronounced patterns on the surface, which makes the material universal for any design. Granite is a fairly dense material, which leads to minimal moisture absorption. Also, one of the most demanded positions are curbs made of Gabbro granite, which look quite aesthetically pleasing. The entire line of building materials from Gabbro is popular in the market. Whether it’s tiles, countertops or window sills.

Such paving stones can last forever without changing their appearance. Why is that?

  1. Firstly, all sides are sawn, which means it is easy to fit.
  2. Secondly, Gabbro paving stones are an improved version of the classic paving slabs made of concrete. At the same time, it is completely ecological.
  3. Thirdly, it does not contain chemical impurities and does not evaporate in the sun.

Such products will always be relevant for lovers of a combination of quality and safety. Also, we emphasize that the front side is always subjected to heat treatment (fire). Thanks to this method, we additionally give the surface a rough effect. As a result, it does not slip, regardless of the season. You can order a free consultation or an individual calculation of the cost in the “Contacts” section.


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