Paving stones from Didkovichi granite

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Paving stones from Didkovichi granite

Didkovichi granite paving stone has a delicate pink-brown color and medium grain structure.

Paving stones from Didkovichi granite
Paving stones from Didkovichi granite



Heat treatment

Didkovichi granite has been used in the production of paving stones for more than a dozen years, while remaining a quality raw material for paving roads and paths. Due to its abrasion resistance and environmental friendliness, Didkovichi paving stones can be used in any area, becoming an irreplaceable element of the exterior. The dense structure and unusual color of the paving stones make it possible to create unique design solutions that will indicate the presence of taste.

The demand for the option, which makes it possible to order Didkovichi paving stones, is explained by the properties of the stone, including: resistance to moisture, heat and frost, the absence of harmful materials in the granite, unpretentious maintenance and durability.


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