Sandstone window sills from the manufacturer

Stone window sills, in addition to aesthetic considerations and good physical characteristics, are made by specialists of our company, taking into account the wishes of the customer, focusing on the highest requirements in accordance with GOST standards.

We offer to order sandstone window sills, which are of value in the market of natural stone products.

The production process includes the following stages:

  • Selection of raw materials;
  • Measurements;
  • Manufacturing of a window sill;
  • Surface treatment in the way chosen by the Customer;
  • If necessary – production of additional elements, creation of ends;
  • Delivery of finished products to the territory of the Client.

We make window sills of non-standard shapes and any sizes, taking into account the wishes and needs of the client, with the aim of their maximum satisfaction.

Features of using sand window sills

Window sills made of natural sandstone stone have positively established themselves as external and internal facing material. They serve as an additional element in interior and exterior design.

Since the stone is sufficiently strong and stable, it is not affected by external factors, which contributes to its long service life. Due to this advantage, sandy windowsills in Kiev have established themselves in a positive way in the construction industry and design.

With the help of sandy windowsills, you can advantageously emphasize the presence of the style of the building and its architectural features.

Sandstone in the interior

A natural sandstone window sill is an indispensable element in the design of any type of premises, since sand window sills are used for home, office, business center, restaurant, retail outlets, entertainment complexes and other structures.

Due to their decorative qualities, natural stone window sills successfully occupy a leading position in interior furnishing, which has a positive effect on their relevance.

Sandstone Window Sills Prices

Our company offers fairly competitive prices for sandy windowsills, which is due to the presence of a wide base of raw materials and our own production.

You can buy a sandy window sill, the price of which depends on the size, volume of the order, the method of polishing and the availability of additional elements. In addition, we are a direct supplier, which means that we work without intermediaries who make a percentage markup.

Sale of sandstone window sills is carried out in any region of Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Belarus, Romania, Poland and other countries of the world.