Granite windowsills: manufacturing

A windowsill is a window structure element that is located under the window frame.  Durability is inherent in such products, while not losing their characteristics: color saturation, strength and shape.  The surface of window sills is usually polished.  The ends are usually processed with various lines, curves, or simply polished.  These slabs decorate not only the lower part of the window, but also all sides.

Window sills made of natural stone, unlike plastic or wooden ones, are the most durable and reliable, which are ready to serve for hundreds of years without losing their characteristics and appearance.

We offer several dozen shades of granite of different texture, so that you can choose the best option for your interior.  The most popular in the manufacture of window sills are gray, black and red varieties.  These color solutions give the interior of the premises a certain character and color.

Granite window sills: price

The price policy of granite window sills is relatively higher than that of plastic or wood, but it is fully justified.

Several factors influence price formation, including:

  • Sizes and number of products;
  • Availability of end-face processing;
  • The rock of granite from which the windowsill will be made.

The production facilities of our company allow you to adjust the length, width and thickness of products, therefore we execute all orders on an individual basis, taking into account the needs and wishes of the client.  In this case, the ends of the window sills are removed in order to prevent cuts.

Sometimes, granite slabs are used as decoration not only in the lower part of the window, but also in its slopes.

Buy granite window sills in Kiev

Our production offers a large selection of color palettes and textures for the manufacture of window sills, which will make this design element unique, and give the interior of the room presentability.

We carry out the production of products from natural stone in the Zhytomyr region, where our company is located, but we work with all regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Germany and other countries.

Stone windowsills will bring respectability and taste not only to the appearance of window structures, but also to the general interior of the premises.

Benefits of natural stone window sills

Before ordering granite window sills, you should pay attention to their advantages over other types of material:

  • They are not afraid of temperature changes caused by heating systems, they can easily tolerate temperatures up to 800 ° C;
  • They have a wide variety of colors and textures, which is suitable for any design;
  • Granite windowsills are considered to be one of the most durable and wear-resistant materials.  Such a product is very difficult to break or damage;
  • Granite products can serve for hundreds of years without requiring any special or additional care;
  • Do not react to sunlight;
  • Decorative factors of stone texture.  The texture of the granite is attractive enough that no additional finishing is required for the window sills.  The pattern of the stone is unique in its kind, which guarantees a special kind of product.

Based on the above positions, granite window sills are rightfully considered the most profitable material for window structures.

Buy granite window sills in Ukraine

Our production carries out the primary and final stages of processing, delivery, assembly and installation of granite window sills in Ukraine.  We work with all regions of neighboring countries, which significantly expands the horizons of market coverage.  At the same time, we guarantee a high level of professionalism, prompt execution of the order on time, quality and affordable price.

You can use granite window sills for home, office, business center, restaurant, cafe and other structures, because the scope of the stone is quite diverse.

Therefore, we propose to order granite window sills for individual sizes for your needs.