Granite in a strip: production

Granite strips, which you can buy from us in production, are used for the manufacture of elements of external and internal decoration of houses, business centers, shops, shopping and entertainment complexes.

We produce granite in a strip up to 310 cm long, up to 83 cm wide, with any thickness.  This product is considered the best option as a blank for subsequent manufacturing.  Strips of natural stone have no seams or cracks, so the scope of application of the material is quite diverse.

We have a large base of raw materials, including more than twenty types of Ukrainian granite of different texture and color.

Thanks to the production facilities of our company, we carry out the production of blanks in the form of strips at the highest level, adhering to the necessary technologies and GOST standards.

Granite strip products

The methods of using strips of natural stone are quite diverse, the most popular positions are: granite window sills, granite steps, stone countertops, monuments, facades, plinths and fireplaces. Granite strips are also actively used in the ritual sphere, we give you the opportunity to order a tombstone, a fence for a grave, a tombstone or a cover.

The stone is easy to work with despite its hardness and resistance, which we offer the following:

  • Sawing.  In this case, the stripes acquire a flat surface.  Products with the same processing method are universal and can be used both internally and externally;
  • Grinding.  The method assumes the dullness and smoothness of the surface of the granite strips.  Often such products are used in the interior, but they are also suitable for external design and landscaping;
  • Polishing.  This method makes the surface of the strip glossy and smooth.  Actively polished granite strips are used in the interior (countertops, window sills, handrails, etc.);
  • Heat treatment.  Thermally treated strips have a rough surface.  As a rule, such products are used outdoors as they have anti-skid properties.

The strips are processed from the front side of the product.  If necessary, special manufacturing conditions are discussed.

We will advise, help you choose a way to process granite strips according to your needs, offering the most optimal option.

Granite strips: advantages

Since granite is considered one of the most elite stones for exterior and interior decoration, with an affordable cost, granite strips have a number of advantages, including:

  • Versatility of use.  Natural stone strips can be used as countertops, window sills, steps, cladding material, and other design elements.
  • High density and strength.  The density of the material is 2700 kg / m³, and the compressive strength is up to 300 MPa, which means that granite is one of the most durable building materials;
  • Environmental friendliness.  Natural stone is considered environmentally friendly and harmless to the external environment and human health;
  • Stability.  The stone is resistant to moisture, frost and sudden temperature changes;
  • Aesthetics.  The appearance of a natural stone strip is considered one of the most unique materials.  Depending on the rock, granite has a different color and structure.

The properties of granite surpass those of all man-made building materials, which is why strips in granite are considered one of the most sought-after materials in the fields of construction, architecture, design and ritual services.

Buy granite strips

The strip in granite is used as a blank for the production of various products.  We offer to buy granite strips at a bargain price.  Based on the fact that we are manufacturers, we can offer a universal product at the most favorable conditions, guaranteeing high quality products.

The following factors affect the cost of strips:

  • The volume of the order.  We cooperate with both wholesale and retail customers.  Moreover, with a wholesale order, we can offer prices for granite strips much lower;
  • Rock of granite.  Offering more than twenty types of granite, different deposits, colors and textures, we focus on different price proposals;
  • Dimensional grid of products.  The larger the size, the higher the price, respectively;
  • The need for additional work that shakes stone processing.  The cost of the final product depends on the method that will be applied.

Before accepting an order for work, we discuss in detail all the details of the production process with the customer.