Stone steps from the manufacturer

When choosing a durable material as steps, stairs, balusters, railings and other elements, you should opt for natural stone, namely granite.  Since granite steps will become relevant for any interior and exterior.

A variety of colors and textures of granite will help create a unique product that will last more than one hundred years, based on the mechanical characteristics of the stone.  At the same time, the breed is completely environmentally friendly and safe for the external environment, which has a positive effect on its demand.

Granite steps are an integral part of the stairs, complementing them and giving them a particularly presentable look.

Stone steps are processed by two methods: thermal and polished.  In the first option, due to the effect of temperatures, the steps acquire a rough surface, and at the same time the anti-slip property.  Therefore, this method is actively used for outdoor decoration of stairs.  In turn, processing by means of grinding gives a smooth, matte surface to the product, and is often used in the interior of houses, business centers, shopping and entertainment complexes, supermarkets, catering establishments and other structures.

Custom-made stone steps are made according to the individual dimensions of the Client, which guarantees the uniqueness and the highest quality of the product

Granite steps: features

Stairs made of stone, as well as steps, are distinguished not only by their presentable appearance, but also by the mechanical properties of granite. The stone is considered one of the most resistant to external factors, which makes it possible to diversify the scope of its application, unlike other building materials.

Innovative production technologies during stone processing make it possible to produce high-quality products, among which are in special demand:

  • Steps. Products are in demand because they speak of the taste and presentability of the building. We sell granite steps wholesale and retail, where the price of steps depends on the factors listed below;
  • Ladders. It emphasizes not only exceptional taste, but also consistency. A granite staircase will look harmonious in any interior, complementing its character. You can order a granite staircase from us, having received a quality guarantee for many years of operation.
  • Balusters. A railing for stairs is not exposed to external influences, therefore it is considered an ideal decor option. You can buy balusters made of natural stone in order to provide an elite appearance of the interior and exterior;
  • Railings. The stone railings are perfectly combined in the external and internal design. You can buy a handrail made of stone at a bargain price in our production.

Prices for stone steps, granite stairs, granite balusters, granite railings depend on their size, area, selected granite type, availability of additional elements and processing method.

Order granite steps in Ukraine

Our production, which is located in Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, offers to buy granite steps, prioritizing the quality and durability of products.

Depending on the purpose, steps or stairs made of granite can have a different shape, texture, color, type and method of processing.  We discuss all the details of the order directly with the Client before putting it into operation.  Since the main criterion for the result of cooperation for us is the satisfaction of the needs of the Customer.

The range of colors and textures of granite is so diverse that it turns out from raw materials to create unique products that can emphasize status.

We work with all regions of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland, Germany and other countries of the world.  Also, we deliver granite products all over the world, guaranteeing high quality products and their careful operation at the facility.