Granite paving stones: manufacturer’s price

Paving stones are considered to be one of the most optimal types of road surfaces due to the mechanical properties and durability of the stone.

For hundreds of years, natural paving stones have occupied a leading position as a paving of roads, paths, areas and landscaping.

The cost of which depends on the type of selected granite, size and quantity, is considered a justified investment in your place.

We offer a quality product at an affordable price from a manufacturer who calls itself “Granite stone blocks Korostyshev”, since it is in the city of Korostyshev that the “Granum” enterprise is located. Despite the attachment of production facilities to the place, we work with any regions of Ukraine, Europe and the CIS countries.

Paving granite: the advantages of choosing

Before buying granite paving stones, we advise you to study in detail the features of the raw materials, their characteristics and choose the right type of granite. We have collected several arguments in favor of the product that everyone should know:

  • Granite paving stones are considered the most durable and strong road surface;
  • It is both a building and decorative material, which is facilitated by the properties of the material and an aesthetically pleasing appearance;
  • It is distinguished by the absence of chemical and other harmful impurities in the composition, which means that it is a completely safe and practical road surface;
  • Paving slabs have a wide palette of natural shades and colors, a large selection of stone structures and textures;
  • Due to the features of the rock, if it is necessary to carry out repair work, the granite paving stones are dismantled and re-laid;
  • The products are resistant to temperature extremes and increased moisture, which guarantees excellent appearance in all weather conditions.

Granite paving stones: processing

Processing of granite paving stones is carried out in one of the most popular and reliable ways: by sawn-thermal method.

Heat-treated sawn paving stones have an embossed structure on the face, which gives it an anti-slip effect. This method provides for the initial production of sawn paving stones, and then the processing of the upper part with fire.

Sawed granite are a popular floor covering, and thanks to the additional processing of the front side, it has become a favorite of many of our customers. In addition, we provide the ability to manufacture paving stones according to the individual dimensions of the customer, it can be following shapes: square, rectangle, hexagonal and others. Thanks to this function, many design solutions are realized.

Buy paving stones: where, how and under what conditions?

The demand for buying granite paving stones (or buying a block) only increases over the time, which automatically makes it more authoritative among other paving materials.

We offer to order directly from the manufacturer “Granum” in several ways: by visiting the production place, online, or by contacting our manager, whose number is indicated in the “Contacts” section.

We provide the ability to send samples of granite for a visual selection of the most suitable option for the object. As we can offer a wide range of natural stone, this method facilitates the process of choosing raw materials by the customer, which significantly saves his time and helps to make the right decision.

We deliver the finished order to the territory of the customer using our trucks or by postal service.  Also, pickup from the territory of the enterprise is possible.

Thanks to a reliable packaging process and trained staff, we can guarantee that the order will be delivered in the correct form, without damage or chips.

Paving stone production: cooperation

We offer the possibility of cooperation, both: one-time and on an ongoing basis.  Implementation is possible wholesale and retail on favorable terms for both parties.

The policy of our company prioritizes high quality products, valuing our name and reputation. The management team of the company closely monitors compliance with GOST technologies, taking into account the highest quality requirements for raw materials and products in general.

The equipment on which granite paving stones are manufactured meets all requirements and standards, is considered high-tech and completely safe. The combination of manual work and automation of the entire production process made it possible to deliver high-quality bulk orders on time, which significantly increased consumer loyalty.

Paving stones: design solution

Due to the fact that a granite block has proven itself in the market and is in demand, it is possible to buy granite blocks in Ukraine without unnecessary difficulties from our company, which is a manufacturer of granite blocks with twenty years of experience.

Paving slabs are used to create decorative elements of landscape design, and are considered an original approach to the design of the territory.

In particular, if there is a need to buy paving stones in Kiev, Zhitomir, Kharkov, Odessa, L’viv and other cities of Ukraine or neighboring countries, you should contact our company, where we will not only make paving stones, but also advise and help you choose the best option for the needs of the customer.