Granite tiles from the manufacturer

Natural stone products are considered to be a universal choice. They are used in the interior, exterior, landscape design and during the development of the territory. Since granite tiles are in demand in the market, our team has tried to establish the production process as efficiently as possible. Thus, we have organized the supply of top quality materials from the best quarries in Ukraine. Blocks, after arriving at the production site, are subject to further processing. To do this, we have fully automated production, equipping the enterprise with high-tech equipment.

We offer supply of granite tiles wholesale and retail, various volumes. This explains why buying granite means taking care of quality. The site contains a catalog where everyone has the opportunity to select and purchase a product. Also, we offer the opportunity to choose the necessary method, size and breed of raw materials during the order, which differs in color, structure, grain size.

Granite tiles can be customized and standard sizes:

  • 30×30 cm;
  • 40×30 cm;
  • 50×30 cm;
  • 60×30 cm.

In any case, fabrication takes place according to individual standards, taking into account the needs of the customer.

Granite tiles: processing and laying

Our company carries out several options for the transformation of stone, the choice of which ultimately determines the final appearance of the product. Before you start plowing, it is important to choose quality raw materials. It will affect the result of the work. During the selection, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the block, check it for cracks in the walls.

If the choice is among the methods, then polishing is considered the most popular. With this technique, granite tiles acquire a smooth, glossy texture. That is why polished products are used for interior and exterior decoration of houses, business centers, shopping malls. Polished products are suitable for:

  1. Steps;
  2. Countertops;
  3. Fireplaces;
  4. Window sills;
  5. Other elements of the house.

Also, a fairly relevant option is sawing, during which the product acquires even walls with slight traces of saw blades.

Cladding slabs for outdoor work are especially popular.

The next, quite popular method that we offer is grinding. This technology helps to give products a delicate, matte surface. In comparison, such products are less rigid and more aesthetically attractive. In the course of working on the surface, scratches, chips are removed and the surface of the stone itself is leveled. The method is suitable for entrance groups or open areas, as it prevents injury or slipping.

Last but not least known from the previous methods is heat treatment. It is characterized by a rough surface, due to which such a product has an anti-slip effect. This approach allows you to show color and texture brighter, unlike grinding. Thermo granite tiles are most often used as exterior cladding due to their quality characteristics. Thus, it gives granite slabs a special resistance to environmental factors. Since microcracks are filled, as a result of which water cannot penetrate into them.

Cooperation: where to buy granite from the manufacturer?

Our production and head office are located in Korostyshev, Zhytomyr region, however, granite tiles are sold in Kiev, Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov, Rivne, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Romania, Poland , Germany.

We offer to buy granite of natural origin in large and small lots. Employees of the company have sufficient experience, and the company has innovative equipment to fulfill the order at the highest level.

Before offering to buy granite tiles, we study in detail the wishes of the client, if necessary, we conduct a consultation to make the cooperation process productive.

We provide a full range of services, including selection, milling, delivery, if necessary – installation. In the case when the complexity is determined from the colors of granite, we invite you to the company for the purpose of familiarization, or we send samples by mail.