Granite monument according to an individual sketch

Our company offers to make a granite monument from more than twenty types of granite of Ukrainian origin. We provide a wide range of fossils, shades and textures. We have the opportunity to count diverse colors, textures, to produce a product of grandiose proportions. All works, from the start of the production process to the transfer to customers, are strictly controlled, adhere to norms and standards.

Ritual products, including granite monuments, are considered a symbol of memory and longevity, as well as an eternal reminder of a loved one. Our company guarantees the high quality of products that are designed to last more than one hundred years.

Production of granite monuments in Ukraine

Before placing an order for a granite monument, you need to analyze the following factors in detail:

  1. The volume of the burial site;
  2. Style in design;
  3. Determination of dimensions, including: length, width, thickness;
  4. Selection of material, where color and structure play a key role.

Then, the process itself takes place: development of a sketch, selection of the necessary raw materials, commissioning, strict verification of properties, delivery, and, if necessary, installation.

We offer a wide range of textures so that everyone can order a granite monument.

Thanks to this option, you can create spectacular ritual plates that are different from the rest.

Granite monuments: pricing

You can buy individually, in large or small wholesale, on the most favorable terms for both parties. During pricing, the intermediary percentage is not taken into account, since it is absent, our company is a direct manufacturer. Evaluating the above information, the price of a granite monument is formed under the influence of the following factors:

  • Raw material;
  • Dimensions;
  • Configuration;
  • Non-standard;
  • Processing method;
  • Additionally.

In any case, before placing an order for the manufacture of monuments, we will consult you free of charge regarding the range, features of production nuances and other issues that arise.

Our company is equipped with innovative machines that have allowed us to automate working moments. Their goal is to exclude the negative inclusion of the human factor. Thanks to this, it is possible to order unique exhibits of non-standard shapes and sizes from us at an affordable cost.

Monuments from granite from the manufacturer

The sphere of production of monuments is quite diverse. In its specificity, it is possible to have exclusive sets, steles, children’s tombstones, fences in the cemetery and other elements. When placing an order, we offer to determine:

  1. Fossil breed, color;
  2. Place, photo placement format;
  3. Font, text size;
  4. Processing method;
  5. The presence of decorative elements or decoration.

You can order a granite monument on our website. Please note that Monuments are not only single, but also double, or with decor. Since the company’s production facilities allow to produce fabricated products of any level of complexity.

Installation is possible by our specialists only on the territory of Ukraine. All work is carried out to the highest sample requirements.

Granite monument or memorial complex?

Qualitatively equipped expensive stone products are in demand not only within one country, but also at the international level. They allow you to distinguish the grave from the rest, to emphasize the significance of the deceased, taking into account the individual wishes of the deceased.

Our firm specializes in elite formats. With high-tech equipment, we can create unique pieces of decoration, the distinctive features of which are in demand.

Memorial complexes have the following advantages:

  • Possibility of giving any texture chosen by the customer;
  • The service life of works reaches several hundred years;
  • Due to the peculiarities of the fossil, a granite monument will not be influenced by the environment, because the stone is resistant to temperature changes, moisture, frost, and besides, it does not require special care.

You can order a call, calculate the cost and get a free consultation on the website. The manager will help you choose the best option and offer the best conditions for cooperation.

Production of granite monuments in Korostyshiv

Production in Ukraine combines craftsmanship and satisfaction of all needs. The product line of the Granum company is distinguished by its exclusive appearance, professional execution, which is a priority for us. To buy a granite monument means to perpetuate the memory of a person. Delivery, installation of monuments for more than twenty years has been carried out by our specialists in all cities of Ukraine.