Granite countertop from a manufacturer in Ukraine

Granite countertops are the most relevant option in the design of the kitchen, bathroom, bar and other premises. Such products require minimal maintenance, they are among the most resistant to acids and other irritants.

Our company is a manufacturer of countertops made of natural stone from the Ukrainian field. Therefore, we offer to buy a granite countertop at the manufacturer’s price, without intermediary markups. Production specialists have many years of experience in the manufacture of the product. They own a fairly wide base of raw materials (20+ types of stone, various colors and textures are available) and professional equipment. With their help, a granite countertop is made, the main value of which is quality.

Granite countertop for kitchen

When it comes to a kitchen set, the granite countertop is considered to be its main element. Because it has a comfortable to work and aesthetically attractive surface. In most cases, the market offers a sufficient selection of building materials for production. It is both natural and artificial origin. Despite this, granite remains the strongest and most reliable material. Which has been occupying a leading position among competitors for more than a decade.

The rocks of granite that we offer are endowed with a different structure, a wide palette of colors. These factors certainly affect their final cost. Due to the characteristics of the fossil, the surface is not afraid of scratches, bumps, external stimuli. The product can be used in conditions where high durability is required.

Natural stone countertop for bathroom

Moisture resistance, scratch resistance, unpretentious care. All these qualities have a countertop made of natural stone, which is designed for the restroom. Accordingly, the characteristics should be at the highest level. In turn, the stone itself is one of the highest quality offers. It is used for construction, improvement, improvement, which is why it is popular among design and architectural bureaus.

The fittings are not prone to deformation during operation, which is considered an excellent advantage over artificial materials. Also, the raw material does not absorb foreign liquids. This has a positive effect on the appearance.

Outdoor granite countertop

Tiles for outdoor tables are designated as the central part of the design of the recreation area and an important component of the external arrangement of the site. A multifaceted variety of shades allows you to choose an element for the street that best suits the needs of the customer.

Countertops, the base of which is granite, always look presentable and spectacular. In addition, the table does not require professional care, it is an ecological, clean material that has a number of advantages.

You can order furniture from us, because thanks to twenty years of experience in creating interior elements, we are able to offer a high-quality product.

Order a granite countertop at the best price

The fossil has good mechanical data and a large number of advantages, including:

Operational ability. Provides the possibility of using during heavy loads, without losing the aesthetics of the fittings;

With proper care, it can last hundreds of years. In any case, the stone does not require special conditions, it is only important to maintain cleanliness;

Value for money. Granum is a direct manufacturer, so we can offer fairly competitive prices for the product, while guaranteeing quality service;

The variety of colors and structures that we offer makes it possible to choose the right raw material for each request.

Above, we have listed several main advantages that help granite products to occupy the leading position in the market.

Countertop made of natural stone in Ukraine

In turn, we will manufacture stone products to order, taking into account the features of the object, the required dimensions and wishes.

The price depends on the following factors:

  • Breeds;
  • Dimensions, area;
  • Quantity, shapes of holes;
  • The presence of chamfers;
  • Additional processing.

Realization is carried out at retail and wholesale. In the second option of cooperation, there is a system of discounts in order to increase loyalty and close, long-term cooperation. Also, for general convenience, assistance with delivery to the client’s territory is possible.