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Balls of granite

How much does it cost to buy granite balls

Since we are both manufacturers and sellers, the cost of granite balls we have a minimum. The price of the product affects the size and grade of granite, as well as the final surface treatment. If you are a large customer or wholesale buyer, then we have a system of discounts. We will send you samples of granite if necessary.

Varieties and applications of granite balls

Balls are widely used in the design of interiors and exteriors and have two main varieties:

  • Fixed. They are used as a decorative element for entrances, fences, fences, flowerbeds and parapets. Usually 5-20 cm in diameter.
  • Rotating. They are used in fountains. Thanks to the high accuracy of the workmanship and high water pressure they rotate in the fountain bowl. The diameter can be up to 2 meters.

For the manufacture of granite balls you can use different types of granite. We are working with 23 fields and quarries in Ukraine and the choice of colors we have a wide range.  You can choose a classic red granite, which will emphasize the unique color of the facade of the building or black for exotic architectural ensemble. You can also choose white, gray granite and all their various shades. Our experts will help you in a choice of colors ... By the way, the balls of granite can be engraved or carved as a memorial inscription, geometric patterns or some figure, such as the moon surface or an imitation of a soccer.

How to buy or order granite balls

Granum company will produce balls of natural granite of any size and purpose, you can order the production or buy ready-made now by choosing in our catalog at an affordable price. Contact us in any way convenient for you, and we will work out the details of the order so that you get your order for a minimum price in the shortest possible time with delivery anywhere in Ukraine.

Balls of granite

Granum Company offers to buy or order balls of granite at the manufacturer's price. Similar stone products are used as in a decor of interiors and exteriors - on fencings of tombs, parapets and fences along tracks and sidewalks, stair handrails, and basic elements of fountains. The use of granite balls as decorative elements, gives the area a more well-kept, rich and noble appearance.

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