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We have been making products from natural stone for about 20 years, leaving its value and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to high-tech equipment, a wide base of raw materials, many years of experience and professionalism of our employees, we have allowed ourselves to declare the highest quality products on the market for natural stone products.

Natural stone: palette of colors

The uniqueness of raw materials

Natural stone combines various minerals which determines the variety of colors and textures. Each of the blocks is carefully selected in order to maximize the high quality of the product.


Our projects

On the company's website, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with our portfolio of works, choose the required products, order a manager's call and calculate the cost of the necessary products, get a free consultation, and also place an order online. We guarantee high-quality of our duties, maintaining the positive reputation of the «Granum» production.

Фасад дома из красного камня

Ступени из красного гранита Капустинского месторождения

Пол из Лабрадорита

Крутневский гранит: ступени

Забор из гранита Крутневского месторождения


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Stone processing company «Granum»

«Granum» company which specializes in stone processing for about 20 years, offers to buy products from granite and natural stone with the possibility of delivery to the customer’s place.

The production facilities of the enterprise allow us to process large-scale projects, wholesale orders and non-standard solutions in a short time. In addition, we carry out the sale of products both wholesale and retail, in small and large volumes, which helps us to significantly expand the consumer audience.

Benefits that have built our reputation:

  • The process of supplying raw materials directly from the quarries has been established.  Guarantees the stability of production and the highest degree of product quality;
  • On the market since 2000. This allows us organize the workflow as efficiently as possible based on experience.
  • We work without intermediaries.  It makes the possibility to maintain a competitive cost for products and offer the customer the most favorable terms;
  • We create the individual project.  Execution of orders based on the needs of the customer, which increases customer loyalty to production;
  • The production capacity of the enterprise is more than one and a half thousand square meters. Which provides uninterrupted supplying of products to wholesale and retail customers.

Twenty units of machine tools are installed on the territory of our production, which includes polishing, milling, and edging equipment. It is possible to rubberize the plates (filling cavities in granite and marble), cutting of shaped profiles, template and multiple cutting is carried out.

In workshops our specialists produce:

  • Granite tiles and side stone;
  • Paving stones and curbs;
  • Stone countertops and granite window sills;
  • Memorial complexes;
  • Granite monuments and tombstones;
  • Columns of stone and balusters;
  • Granite steps and granite stairs;
  • Granite fences and facing slabs;
  • Granite slabs and strips in granite;
  • Facades and plinths made of stone..

We provide the opportunity to order the previously mentioned products of non-standard sizes, shapes and textures. We have a wide base of suppliers of Ukrainian granite and marble, a large palette of colors which allows us to satisfy any needs of the customer.


We work with individuals and legal entity, commercial and non-commercial enterprises. Construction companies, architectural and design bureaus, retail outlets and individuals are invited to cooperate.

The company’s products are available in the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and Romania.

How to choose a stone and what determines the price of granite?

As we own a large color palette of Ukrainian granite, the choice becomes more and more difficult, because the shades of stone vary from the most popular colors: red, black and gray, and end somewhere between green, smoky and burgundy brown. The color is determined by the mineral impurities of the rock, which are characteristic of a certain area where granite is mined.

The material can have a different structure, as a rule, it is -fine, -medium, and coarse-grained, and depending on the development – smooth, glossy and rough.

The fine grain structure is considered one of the strongest, which makes it relatively expensive. Such a stone is most often used as a decoration for landscape design and the exterior of houses, buildings and other structures.

Pricing policy depends on rock deposit, total transportation costs, raw materials for processing and other factors.

Granite products are considered one of the most durable and aesthetically pleasing, for which they are in demand among interior design, landscape design and landscaping. In addition, products made of natural stone have good mechanical characteristics, are resistant to environmental factors, temperature extremes and moisture. As a rule, granite does not require special care, does not leave traces of friction and scratches.